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Geraftaar Movie

Kishan, an overworked and underpayed film actor, after a series of complications and mishaps, is embroiled with a dangerous gangster family and ends up framed for murder. While in prison he meets his long-lost brother, Karan, a former police constable also imprisoned for murder, where they help out each other to get revenge against the same gang they hold a grudge against.

Although Security Guard Kapil Kumar Khanna was killed on duty by criminal elements, his wife, Durga, blames his death on the elder of her two sons, Karan, beats him severely, and throws him out of her house. She spends the rest of her life looking for him, as well as caring for her younger son, Kishan. Years fly by and there is no sign of Karan returning home. Kishan has now grown up, is star-struck and would like to act in movies, much to his mother's disappointment. She is, however, satisfied when he lands a job, and introduces her to Anuradha Saxena, who he hopes to marry someday. Durga does not know that Karan is still alive and is a Police Inspector. She also does not know that both her sons are destined to spend their time in jail. For Karan has been charged with killing Vijay, the son of Police Commissioner Sinha - his sentence life in prison without any parole; while Kishan has been charged with killing a woman by the name of Lucy - and his sentence is death.

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