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Illamai Oonjaladukirathu Movie
Rajinkanth Illamai Oonjaladukirathu

The famous actors of Tamil cinema Rajinikanth & Kamal grouping this film. This story tells about Rajini has a business man and kamal works under the GM of Rajini’s office. Kamal and Sripriya’s love scenes in Eliots beach and Mahalipuram. Kamal and Sri are spending their life happily drinking sugarcane juices and watching movies in theatre eating icecreams and snacks in interval times. The songs of the films also nice to hear. This story half of the part showed the love scenes of kamal and Sri, kamal wearing bells bottom pant, the pant color was nice to saw. Love scenes shows this film 1980’s way. The hero will be riding a bike and picks the heroine to his moped enjoyed their life very well. Sripriya’s costumes are wearing Sarees whit colour saree and white blouse and siting behind of heros bike, he will riding the bike Mount road. The hero will wearing the Black frame Glasss to cover half of his face.

The story half of the part moves love Scenes of Kamal and Sri. Jaya chitra introduced in this film as Steno of kamal’s office. Jayachitra is a widow and she stayed at sripriya’s house. One day Rajini give a lift to Jaya, rajini behaviors shows not good, he wants to close with her but jaya thinks that is wrong he gets outs of the car. Then the Jaya story goes to love feelings of young hero’s and the love feelings of widow.

In the vocation , to spend their holidays sripriya and jeya goes to their village. In that time Kamal thinks to give a surprise visit to sripriya ‘s village unfortunately Kamal dint find Sripriya. After that JayaChitra asks Kamal to stay that night in her house. Jaya had a love on Kamal, she ask kamal to accept her love. Kamal and Jaya made a close relationship. after that jayachitra becomes pregnant. Sripriya met an accident, rajini saves with her. So, Rajini wants to spend a time to close with sripriya. Her father Decided to fix her marriage with her lover Kamal. Rajini and Sripriya thinks to know what happened in the past. The story ends with Kamal and Sripriya joined their life.

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