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Rajinkanth Aboorva Raagangal

Any K.Balachander movie revolves around Character's inside a room with not much of Helicopter fight or Gun Shooting or villain chase etc etc. In this movie its "SREE VIDHYA" so called as Bhairavi who is a singer and "MAJOR" Sunder Rajan. Sree Vidhya who is searching for some peace and happiness in her life and so is Major Sunderajan who is very much worried about his Son "KAMAL" who gets involved in unnecessary things and gets into trouble. Half hour of the movie runs like this showing family problems in 1970 style, quarrel between Kamal and his Dad etc. Kamal who cant take any more Rupture from his dad fights with him and leaves home and starts his own life !Sree Vidhya happen to meet Kamal one day in streets as he was slapped by a group of unknown people. She helps Kamal in getting recovered from the accident he had and Slowly Kamal gets attracted towards Sree Vidya seeing the affection and Love and decides to stay in her house as a Paying guest. The relationship between both of them can only be understood by people like K.B, Visu or Cho and its above average people Standards. Similarly "MAJOR" Sunder Rajan meets JAYA SUDHA who gives moral support to Major asking about his Private life and giving him words of Love. MAJOR who thinks JAYA SUDHA as her daughter requests her to stay in his house as his Son Kamal leaves him. JAYA agrees to stay in MAJOR's house seeing the LOVE and AFFECTION he showed on various occasion thinking that he is a Gentle Man.

The movie runs for a while showing the day to day interaction between the two FRIENDLY COUPLES (Kamal and Sree Vidhya) and (Major Sunder Rajan and Jaya Sudha). Their interaction turns into love as all the four are basically searching for Some kind of LOVE from someone. One fine day Kamal Proposes Sree Vidhya who is like his mom and says that he loves her and Jayasudha proposes Major Sunder Rajan who is like her dad. Its some thing like the recent Oscar movie "The American Beauty" where Kevin Spacey proposes his daughters Friend. Both Kamal and Jaya Sudha gets slaps from Sree Vidhya and Major. Kamal decides to get out of Sree Vidhya's house. Sree Vidhya says the truth that she has a "DAUGHTER AT HIS AGE"!!! Meanwhile "SUPER STAR" gets introduced as "X-LOVER" of SREE VIDHYA. Thalivar will come with a JIBBA with is DADI and opens a Old Gate.

"Rajini Not only just opens the door in his first best movie appearance but also opened the opportunities and hearts of Tamil people & enters innnnnnnn........ with 1000 Madras Wistle" in his first movie.

Then comes KB's climax. Sree Vidhya's Daughter is JAYA SUDHA who is Dating KAMAL's Father. Man its a confusion. Where in the world this can happen. Daughter being Mother In Law for Mom and Son being Father In Law for Father. Where in the world this can happen. At last every one feels for the mistake they have did in the past. KB Says Relations are made and are not given. A Touch of class acting by all of them and the movie gets over as JayaSudha and Sree Joins and Kamal and Major Joins together.

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