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Bewafai Movie
Rajinkanth Bewafai

Asha has always known Ashok, an employee with her dad, since she was a child and has had a crush on him. She could not stand anyone else trying to woo him in any way. When she finds out that a young woman named Vinny has been taking an interest in Ashok, she beats her up. She thinks she has Ashok all to herself, only to find out that another young woman, Renu, also has an interest in Ashok and that Ashok has been taking care of her for years. When she meets Renu she hopes to teach her a lesson, but instead who she meets is someone delicate and mentally imbalanced, and she decides to assist her. Then their lives take an unexpected turn when someone unknown shoots Ashok and leaves him mortally wounded. Who is this person, and what is Ashok's relationship with Renu?.

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