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Bulandi Movie

This story revolves around a village where Thakur's word is law. All disputes are settled by him. The daughter of a business tycoon marries Thakur's brother Arjun, and eventually becomes a part of the community. A beautiful woman arrives in the village and attempts to rape Arjun. He avoids her, so she tries to disgrace him by accusing him of raping her.

Known for their fair-mindedness, the Thakurs preside over a small town in India, namely Bharatpur. The people of this town trust and respect their decisions. Ghajraj Thakur (Rajnikanth) while deciding the fate of his nephew, Jagananth (Shakti Kapoor), is killed by his brother-in-law, Ranjit Singh (Ranjeet), with Ghajraj's sister, Manorama (Aruna Irani) looking on. Ghajraj's son, Dharamraj (Anil Kapoor) takes over from his dad, meting out fair and honest judgements amongst the townspeople. He arranges the marriage of his younger brother, Arjun (also Anil Kapoor) with Meena (Raveena Tandon), the daughter of Ramsingh Thakur (Kulbhushan Kharbanda). A shadow is cast on the family when Arjun is accused of having illicit relationships with a school-teacher. This teacher eventually commits suicide and blames Arjun in her suicide note. The matter comes up before Dharamraj, who must now decide to be fair, or be a brother..

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