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Anju (Sridevi) lives with her Uncle, Tribhuvan (Anupam Kher) and aunt, Amba (Rohini Hattangadi), who abuse her both physically and emotionally all the time, and also keep her drugged, so she is dependant on them all the time. They live in a big mansion, and therefore, Anju is forced to do all the housework. Anju's passion is dancing and her Uncle prevents her from perusing this. Dayal (Annu Kapoor) does his best to protect Anju from the frequent beatings. Meet Anju's look-a-like (also played by Sridevi), who lives in small tenement, drinks beer, fights with men, dances, lies, amongst other things. Manju's mom (Aruna Irani) has psycological problems and is hospitalized, and Manju's friend is Jaggu (Rajnikanth), who is quiet and soft-spoken, and will only get into a fight to protect Manju. Tribhuvan's friend's name is Vishwananth (Saeed Jaffrey), who wants his son, Suraj (Sunny Deol) to marry Anju. Suraj is a lot like Manju, and he has even met Manju in the beer bar, and thinks the photograph of Anju is Manju. And on the other hand Tribhuvan and Amba want Anju to marry Batuknath Lalanprasad Malpani (Shakti Kapoor), who is the nephew of Amba. One day Anju and Manju are taken for each other and what results is absolute chaos, as each try to fit into the other's shoes.

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