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Enkeyo Ketta Kural Movie

Actors: Rajnikanth, Kannan, V. S. Raghavan, Delhi Ganesh
Actresses: Ambika, Radha, Kamala Kamesh, Baby Meena
Director: S.P.Muthuraman
Producers: Meena Panju Arunachalam
Theaterical Release: 1982 Run Length (minutes): 135

Kumaran (Rajnikanth) is the Raja Harishchandra (do gooder) of a small village. Ponni and Kamatchi are sisters that live in a house close to Kumaran. Ponni is the elder sister. She is the sophisticated type. While Kamatchi is more down to earth. Kumaran likes Ponni, while Kamatchi likes Kumaran. Kumaran is attracted Ponni because she is always very groomed whereas Kamatchi is the more playful type and his relationship with her is more that of a friend. Meanwhile Ponni is in love with another man. Unfortunately he is already married so when the marriage of Ponni and Kumaran is proposed both of them agree, each for different reasons. The movie explores the consequences of infatuation, philosophical differences, long standing cultural obligations and the importance of finding a good match for a happy marriage. With wonderful acting from all the actors the story presents itself in a very down to earth and anecdotal manner.s

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