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Guru Sishyan Movie
Rajinkanth Guru Sishyan

Rajni and Prabhu play petty thieves who have grown up together as orphans. While in jail, they meet Pandiyan who tells them that he was unjustly thrown in jail because he tried to fight against bigwig Radha Ravi who had killed his sister. Promising to find the truth and get him out, Rajni and Prabhu investigate and find out that Pandiyan's parents are captives in Radha Ravi's home where he tortures them to get the location of a hidden treasure and that Pandiyan is Rajni's brother. Rajni and Prabhu rescue them and also recover the gold.

A hilarious movie with excellent chemistry between Rajni and Prabhu. The comic talents of both are fully exploited. Gouthami, in her first movie, couldn't have hoped for a better break in tamil movies. But the climax is too long and far-fetched.

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