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Illamai Oonjaladukirathu Movie
Rajinkanth Illamai Oonjaladukirathu

This two legends of Tamil Cinema Rajini & Kamal Combination is a magic combination. RAJINI is a big business magnet. KAMAL works as the GM of that firm and who grows in RAJINI's place. KAMAL & SREE PRIYA who are in Love roams in Eliots beach, Mahabalipuram, drinking "SUGAR CANE JUICE" and watching movies in Devi theatre eating pop corn and cone ice cream in interval etc. One must see the Love scenes of Kamal and Sree Priya with Kamal wearing his BELL Bottom Pant that too in dark brown color and dancing with Sree Priya. Simply superb. Especially that
" Ore Nall Unnai Naan ..
Nilavail Parthadu ..
Ulavum Unn illami naan ...
Oonjal Adudu .. Song. The story runs for half hour showing Kamal and Sree Priyas Love in 1980's Style. Those who want to know how our hero's and heroine's make Love in 1980's ... The hero will be riding a 1980 HARDLEY DAVIDSON BYKE and it will make sound like a "KARI ENGINE" that runs from Chengalput to Vizupuram and the heroine who will be wearing a Saree Preferable White Color and a White Jacket and All her inner Cloths will be visible who will be sitting with the hero in that HARDLEY byke and the hero will be riding that byke in Mount road. The hero will be wearing a GLASS which has a BLACK FRAME and it will cover half of his face and SPB will be singing a song.

JAYA CHITRA gets introduced as a Steno for KAMAL and who is a widow and who stays with Sree Priya in the same house. Jaya who sees the 'LOVE GAME' between KAMAL and SREE PRIYA and who cant those love game suffers and she is desperately looking for some one to satisfy her Love Needs. Rajini who happens to give a lift to JAYA CHITRA happen to interact closely with her but JAYA thinks that its wrong and gets out of the car. The story runs for another half hour showing the Love Feelings of the Young hero's and the Love feelings of the widow.

SREE PRIYA and JAYA CHITRA happens to go to their village to spend their vacation. KAMAL who wants to give a surprise to SREE PRIYA happen to come to her village but could'nt find her. JAYA asks KAMAL to stay that night in her place. JAYA who is suffering from 'LOVE ..' asks KAMAL to satisfy her Love Desire. "PANJUM NERUPUM PATIKICHI" and Jaya becomes Pregnant. SREE PRIYA who cannot take what happened ignores KAMAL from that point. RAJINI takes over the ball game and Saves SREE PRIYA from an accident and moves closely with her. Her father decides to get her married to RAJINI who is a close friend of KAMAL and her previous lover. The story ends in a classic climax and both RAJINI and SREE PRIYA comes to know what happened in the past and the movie ends as KAMAL and SREE PRIYA joins their hands.

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