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go by the story of JEET HAMARI because it is only a filmsy excuse to pack in all sorts of funny, odd, silly and strange situations. Whether all this is deliberate or unintentional is anybodys guess. To be fair, inspite of the ridiculous plot line and outlandish incidents the film is fairly entertaining. No complaints. Rajnikant has improved considerably since his debut film. His stylish mannerisms and flashy gestures, are highly appealing to certain sections of the audiece. To his credit, the literally carries the film on his shoulders. He is sure to bre accepted before long. Anita Raj looks very cute nad has done a good job, too. Raakesh Roshan has done his best though he has little scope. Ranjeeta is simply. The supporting cast humbly justify their alloted bits. Being a Devar Film, the animals obviously have the last word. JAANI DOST only had clever chimpanzee but JEET HAMARI has a super dog and an intelligent horse, too! Together the pair brave the baddies and raise a lot of chuckles. The film also has Shakti Kapoor! Music by Bappi Lahiri is inpired from a couple of Western tunes. It is so loud, it makes the non-muscial parts seem belonging to a silent movie. There is a very little justification for the numerous song sequences. Direction is good. Technical values are all above average.

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