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MERI ADAALAT follows closely on the heels of MERI AWAAZ SUNO and ANDHAA KAA NOON. The earlier films had a bold theme and stuck to the point thus making them effective and gripping. MERI ADAALAT has a very similar tale and hence little novelty. Another minus point about the film isnthat it is filled with a lot of unnecesary sidelights. The film starts well. Then there is nothing .. Nothing till the last few reels, when it becomes really gripping. Rajanikanth is as stylish as ever. Though he often exceeds the limits, he has performed well and is watchable. We must mention however that some of his long lines, spoken speedily are difficult to follow. Zeenat Aman ( playing a sports journalist, ha, ha ) just does not have any scope. Mohnish Behl and Komal, the other star pair ar only average. Kadar Khan is as usual. Monty, who had a good role going for him fails to impress. Rest fill the bill. Musically,average as two songs are okay but are wrongly timed intghe film. Lyrics, are uninspiring. Production and technical values are average. Some of the sets and decorations are more gaudy and garish than other south films. Action sequences are very well done.

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