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The story is about the weakness (what else gals) of a very successful Enterpreneur/Multi Milloinaire Chakaravarthy (Father Rajini) with a little bit of self pride on his achievements who is the Bill Gates of yester years in the Textile City of Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore). He is a great womeniser (perhaps his only weakness) a typical Sabala Case who is capable of picking up any cute chicks. At heart he is too good a person he treats his employees well, highly charitable. He has a son (Santhosh Chakaravarthy) and a daughter Sangeetha (who else the great goluttu super fighter (Vijayashanthi) and an OFFICIAL wife Meenakshi (Lakshmi). Radha (Saritha) gets introduced as a candidate for PRO (Public Relations Officer) interview and eventually gets selected and she is sent to Hong Kong for training. Our Sabala Chakaravarthy goes to hong kong and rapes her. In the meanwhile his son gets to know his weakness and starts reforming him. Later Radha joins Santhosh and his mother in this "Critical" mission. The rest of the story is how they reform chakaravarthy a highly perverted, influencial person with little bit of typical Tamil Movie Masala!!!! Rajinikanth
He has done a great job as ever in this movie. Both father and son are either extremes and performing the character of the Perverted Sabala case in the previous shot and the same person doing the character of a pious person in the next shot is extremely difficult job. I would say he has lived the father role. The peak performance of the super star is exhibited in every inch of the movie and the self pride he shows is at its best when he says "Nee Yuvarajana nan chakaravarthy da" and accomplishes What he wanted.

She has done a great job as a person got raped by her boss. But in the last scene too much of sentiments and cries which was irritating to some extent. Lakshmi As usual lots of cries for her in this movie as every one knows she is too good at doing it. So it requires no special comments. Goundamani

OOOOPs.... no one to get beaten by him in this movie so he had to show some real stuff in comedy and he did a great job in doing it. Dominating others many a times irritates the viewers. In this movie he has acted without his usual slang and beating senthil for no reason. His performance was at its peak when he corners charavarthy and says samandhi nan kilabukku(club) poi pillieeeds (Billiyards) veladaporen.

Though he comes for only one scene as a doctor he did a great job he comes as Dr. "Kopparai Thengai Srinivasan" with a large pattai on his forehead a striped shirt and tie with a panja dhothy. The way he delivers dialogs and they way he responds to Rajini and the way he drives Rajini out of his clinic was really great. His performance was simply superb and its worth mentioning.

Sarath Babu
Though his character demanded some amount of acting he failed to do. It was a just a come and go for him. Menaka I am sure no body will be knowing this female to my knowledge she has acted as a heroine only in this movie. For those who want to findout who she is watch "Ramanin Moganam Song". Just she comes and goes with little bit of weeping and nail biting here and there of course on her fingers.

Punching Scenes
In our view every scene Charavarthy appears is a punching scene. OOOOPs then the whole movie sans the songs/Typical Tamil Cinema Masala and romance becomes a punching scene. Anyway to highlight few good ones.

1. The time chakaravarthy gets up is 7:30 in the morning (with an alarm clock) as soon as he opens his eyes, sees a porn poster in his room, Kalailla muzhikkaradhe oru two piece ponnoda poster. One servant comes with a variety of juices (bed juice have u ever heard of) on a trolly and the tray on the trolly contains porn poster, the way he keeps the empty glass back on the tray....it was really excellent then another servant comes with a tray full of cigars and another guy comes and crackles his knuckles (Kalla sodakku eduthu vida oru aal!!). He exhibited a great style when he flicks his left knee and the pillow which was on his leg falls on the bed!!!!! One has to see the number of desses/shoes/watches/googles Charavarthy has in his room. I was shocked to see that.

2. On the other hand his son gets up at 5 in the morning as soon as he wakes up, sees Thiruppathi Venki (Those who don't know Venki he is Ammu's husband) very rich god. He has a very simple life style, not venki our Hero Santhosh..

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