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Rajinkanth Padikathavan

Sivaji is the loving elder brother whose wife sends his younger brothers away when he's away. Rajni, the older of the two, toils as a taxi driver to put his brother through college. But the brother strays and gets mixed up with some wrong elements. He marries a girl from a rich family. The girl's father's brother, who's smuggling drugs using his brother's lorries, kills him and places the blame on Rajni. Sivaji, the presiding judge, realises that its his long-lost brother and returns as a lawyer to save him.

Simple but effective movie with another great performance by Rajni. Great comedy when he bumps into Ambika and ends up thinking she is pregnant. The scene where he goes to see his brother in a college drama is another great one. Excels in sentiments too after he learns his brother has been cheating him all along. Oorai Therinjukkitten... was a meaningful song and a huge hit.

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