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Rajinkanth Uzhaippaali

Rajni is a drama actor hired by the three brothers of Sujatha, to impersonate her dead son and transfer all the wealth to them. Sujatha who has somehow lost her memory and gone crazy, is kep tied up in chains. Rajni runs away from the house but later learns he is really the heir who was assumed to be dead and returns to the house to save his mother and the wealth and kick out the bad guys.

Similar to the other recent movies Rajni has done. Nice songs, good action and enough politically-oriented dialogs to satisfy his fans. The scene where Rajni returns to the house and talks to the brothers about his life story - which neatly parallells his real life story - is the best in the movie through earlier roles of Rajni while looking for a body for him to move into.

Punch Dialogue :

Nethu naan coolie.. enniku naan nadigan.. naalaikku... Silaber solranga naan eppadi varuven appadi varuven.. naan eppadi varuvennu andavanukkum mattum thaan theriyum..

Yesterday I was a coolie, today I'm an actor, tomorrow...people may say what they want. But how I'll become, only god knows

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